St. John's Pastoral Care Teams

 St. John's Presbyterian Church is in the process of creating the following pastoral care teams:

Newcomers Group

The Newcomers Group gives extra attention to new families or individuals before and after the church service, in order to make them feel welcome and accepted.


Blanket Group

The Blanket Group knit/crochet blankets to give to those in the Friendship, Listening, Bereavement, Experienced Care, or Specialist Groups.


Hospitality Group

The Hospitality Group cooks meals to support those in the Friendship, Listening, Bereavement, Experienced Care, or Specialist Groups. Considering the potential size of this group, a Hospitality Group leader may be required.


Handy Help Group

The Handy Help Group provides basic maintenance help, e.g. household/garden maintenance, for those in need. This may include raking, mowing the lawn, or stacking wood.


Communications Group

The Communications Group provides communications assistance to the other Groups, including social media and website postings, as well as bulletin notices. Examples include birth, wedding, and death announcements.


Prayer Group

The Prayer Group provides prayer to everyone; the congregation, the Elders, the Minister, as well as to the other Groups. They may receive prayer requests through (a) prayer boxes, (b) small group leaders, (c) online through the church website, (d) telephone, or (e) in person. Considering the potential size of this group, a Prayer Group leader may be required.


Friendship Group

The Friendship Group visits housebound or lonely people and offers general support to the members of the congregation, e.g. elderly, shut-ins, and those in need. This group includes the Christmas Blessings, the Card Ministry, and the Senior's Reading Program. Responsibilities may also include visitation to those who had a new baby, who are ill, or residing in The Gillis Lodge.


Listening Group

The Listening Group is available to listen to a person who needs someone to talk to before or after church.


Bereavement Group

The Bereavement Group is available after each funeral and to visit those who are bereaved.


Experienced Care Group

The Experienced Care Group offers specialized help, e.g. visiting those from the congregation who are in the hospital and Palliative Care.


Specialist Group

The Specialist Group provides formal counselling.

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 If you would like to volunteer on one of the above teams or for more information about pastoral care, please contact Irene Gillis at 902-394-0558 or at